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Welcome to VCOM 50

Visual Communications: the Process of Design — Fall 2012

If you have tried to enroll in VCOM 50 online and been refused because the server was not working or because you could not enroll in VCOM 48, do not worry. Come to the first class and we will get you enrolled.

Welcome to VCOM50:

VCOM 50 is an a multifaceted overview and introduction to the vocation of visual communication and the creative processes involved; the thought process and technical methods and tools used in developing concepts and final designs for print or web. Emphasis is placed on exploring the conceptual design process, learning the language of design, and basic level technical skills and techniques using industry standard software, cross-platform operating systems, and hardware. The prerequisite Visual Communications 48 may be taken as a co-requisite, i.e. at the same time.
50 minute lecture plus 3 hours in-studio lab split between Monday and Wednesday, from 8:00 AM to 10:15 AM.

There will usually be 1 to 1.5 hours of out of class work each week as well as extra credit opportunities for more advanced students.

Click this link to watch the WELCOME VIDEO: Introduction and Welcome!
This video details some of the programs and materials needed for the class, as well as introducing the required and recommended textbooks. It also includes a brief history of the discipline. Whether you find it entertaining or not, I can’t say. But, I think the narrator is great!
Click this link to download class Syllabus: 50-SyllabusFall12

About the VCOM 48 class. It is  offered this semester. It is a self-paced tutorial and covers a number of little things about using the computers in Room 300 that are not necessarily in class in VCOM 50 & 51. You are welcome to take the tutorial for your own edification. There is no assignment attached to this file, but it will give you a better grasp of Illustrator and Photoshop if you go over it on your own time. Click this link to download the VCOM 48 workbook pdf: 48-Tutorial_8-10.

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: is no longer in print so there’s no required textbook this semester

If you can find a copy at a reasonable price, buy it! Visual Literacy: A Conceptual Approach to Graphic Problem Solving by Judith Wilde, Richard Wilde, Watson-Guptill, New York ISBN 0-8230-5620-1, (Paperback – April 15, 2000)

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