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VCOM 54 :: Illustrator 1 for Design

Welcome to VCOM 54

Welcome to VCOM 54 and 154, Illustrator I for Design.
You can see vector based artwork is everywhere! — from billboards to icons on web pages, logos to packaging, t-shirts, cartoons, advertising, film—you name it! In this class we will explore the basics of Adobe Illustrator CS5, mastering some of Illustrator’s most powerful and basic tools. Once you have become proficient in the use of these tools, the class will move on to projects that demand that you use what you have learned while exploring many of illustrator’s more arcane and remarkable properties. Oh, by the way, these projects will be FUN. We have a lot to cover, so please visit this site at least two or three times weekly in order to stay current on what is being covered in class. I will post homework assignments, project briefs, resources and tips on this site.

On the sidebar to the right, you will find a number of separate pages. These will detail the Weekly Assignments, or hold links for necessary Media Files and Videos. You are responsible to monitor these pages and download the necessary files as stated on the assignments page.

The BEST WAY to contact me is VIA EMAIL. It is YOUR responsibility to email me. While we are on this topic, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to let me know if you will not be in class. Refer to the syllabus for exact information about absences.

I am on campus this semester on Monday and Friday: 8AM – 10:30AM and on Tuesdays and Thursdays: 5:00PM to 9:50PM. I probably will be on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays by 4:00, but that isn’t official so check with me first. I should have an office hour scheduled soon and will let you know when that will be.

IF you need assistance in the studio and I am working with other students, write your name on the white board under the word HELP. I or an instructional assistant will help you as soon as possible.

ALL VCOM students are welcome to drop in to the Studio whenever the schedule shows that the Studio is hosting a class. IF the class is not full, you may occupy an available computer. You must relinquish the computer if someone in the scheduled class needs the station. PLEASE DO NOT disturb a class or instructors. ENTER AS QUIETLY AS POSSIBLE THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR.

From time to time I will offer a Challenge or Word-of-the-Week. These are extra and not required, but great ways of exercising your Illustrator muscles.

Make sure you look at the resources link on the program home page and to the right.

I’m looking forward to a great semester!

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