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Weekly Assignments


Class 1: August 20, 2013

assigned: Tuesday, 08/20/2013; 
due: Thursday 08/22/2013


Go to the Videos page to see the videos that are covered in this evening’s class:
video54-154-07  |  video54-154-08  |  video54-154-09  |  video54-154-10  |

Advanced students must do this exercise. The purpose here is to start combining words and images to make something stronger than both.

As shown in class, create an illustrator file, name the first layer BOLD. Create a new LAYER and move it below the BOLD LAYER. Set the FILL to NONE and the STROKE to Black, and select the RECTANGLE TOOL (“m”). HOLD DOWN the OPTION KEY and CLICK in the center of the document. In the DIALOG BOX that opens, type 6 in both text entry fields. CLICK OK. Go: EDIT> CUT (cmd X), then VIEW > ACTUAL SIZE, then EDIT > PASTE (cmd V). You now have a 6″ Square in the center of your document. Set the FILL to BLACK and the STROKE to NONE, and select the RECTANGLE TOOL (“m”) if it is no longer selected. Using only Black and White Rectangles and Squares, create a BOLD composition. To create the BLACK or WHITE FILL, use either the Black Box and White Box on the SWATCHES PANEL, the BLACK and WHITE and NONE icon boxes on the COLOR PANEL, or the DEFAULT (Black Stroke/White Fill) icon on the bottom of the TOOL BAR and then the judicious use of the SWITCH FILL STROKE ARROW and the NONE Icon near the FILL and STROKE icon on the bottom of the TOOL BAR.

Use the SELECTION TOOL (v) to MOVE and ROTATE your rectangles. Add the OPTION KEY to the SELECTION TOOL to make DRAG copies. Add the SHIFT KEY to the SELECTION TOOL to CONSTRAIN your MOVE to VERTICAL, HORIZONTAL,or 45° ANGLE. Use the DIRECT SELECTION TOOL (a) to select ANCHOR POINTS and PATH EDGES to DISTORT your RECTANGLE. If you have questions, outside of class, watch the videos.

Then go on an make 5 more LAYERS and name them: ORDER, INCREASE, TENSION, CONGESTION, PLAYFUL.