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ABOUT VCOM 54/154: Fall 2012

WELCOME TO  VCOM 54 and 154.
The Honorable (ahem!) Eric Berendt, presiding.
I am really pleased to be reaching you because Illustrator was my first digital love ‘way back in 1987. I have moved on with other software, and even had a few meaningless flings with games and other digital floozies, but one never forgets that first love. I know the program inside and out, and hope to help you discover its real powers and, even, some of its sillier excesses. Once this unexpected transition is complete, we’ll start cruising. Please hang with me until then.

On the sidebar to the right you will see a new page “VCOM 54/154 Videos”. CLICK it and you will have access to the set of videos that I am making for this class. As of Monday, August 21, there are 7 videos, covering very basic areas of illustrator. These are designed for students just getting started with the program. If you are more advanced you might want to sample them anyway, there may be some content there that will be new to you.

CLICK HERE to download the Syllabus for Fall 2012: VCOM 54/154

CLICK the link below to download my PDF Illustrator Book.
First 5 chapters of the Illustrator Book. Prepare for Thursday night, if you can, by going through Chapter One and working through the various little demonstrations that are shown.