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Vcom 56 :: Design Concepts I

Multiple Vision Project

Thursday :: Bring to class several hand sketches of different ideas and possibilities for an overall theme for your multiple vision project. Choose a subject that lends itself to lots of different versions of the same thing.

Your essential challenge in this assignment is to create unique imagery. This problem encourages play, risk-taking and experimentation. You will tap into endurance and resourcefulness in deriving your outcome. When your attention wanders you are at the critical point: go beyond the obvious and try to find and refine preliminary ideas. Selecting a successful solution from a large number of choices is central. This critical skill requires you to understand what attracts attention to an image while keeping in mind the precise intent of the problem. Each of your images must be a complete composition in itself and must fit an overall logic on the board.


  1. Choose a subject that leans toward multiples such as shoes, fruit, vegetables, flowers, leaves, trees, birds, masks, keys, etc. Once you pick a topic consult with me for approval to move forward.
  2. As you gather ideas consider the “language” of graphic design and various graphic design principles (cropping, touching, juxtaposition, overlap, intersection of forms, positive & negative relationships, composition, texture, scale, frame of reference, implied texture, high contrast and color.)
  3. Create 12 graphic representations of the chosen subject to be displayed on one matte board: your compositions may be in B&W or color: it would be best to choose either. There are no limits on the use of color or media beyond these.

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