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VCOM 57 :: Digital Design Concepts 2

Welcome to VCOM 57!

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In this class we will explore the creative process, methods, and tools used
for commercial design as they relate to print and web (i.e. logos, related brand
symbols, collateral materials, simple business publications, print screen
advertising and packaging).

A strong emphasis will be placed on the designer/client relationship, designing compelling graphics specifically to a project brief and to a target audience. In addition to hands on design, you will be required to do extensive research (online and physically) in order to better understand the client’s industry and the audience they are targeting. As a designer, you will also be required to present your concepts at various stages of the process in order to receive critique and feedback on ways of improving your designs.

We will complete a minimum of 4 major projects during the semester with small exercises in between. Due dates for all projects and exercises will be provided at the time of the assignment.

Projects will progressively build on one another, so it is critical that you meet deadlines and complete project tasks. If you are struggling with your solution, please discuss this with me early on in the schedule. Please do not wait until your work is due. If you are part of a collaborative group, honor your teammates time and efforts by doing your part according to agreed upon schedules.

As an advanced class, we may be asked to participate in a Design Shop client project. In such case, the client project schedule will take priority over the current class project schedule and I will adjust due dates accordingly.

Please visit this site at least weekly in order to stay current on what is being covered in class. I will post homework assignments, project briefs, client feedback, resources and tips on this site.

The BEST WAY to contact me is VIA EMAIL. It is YOUR responsibility to email me. While we are on this topic, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to let me know if you will not be in class. Refer to the syllabus for exact information about absences.

My schedule this semester is 5PM – 9:50PM on Tuesdays

IF you need assistance in the studio and I am working with other students, write your name on the white board under the word HELP. I or an instructional assistant will help you as soon as possible.

ALL VCOM students are welcome to drop in to the Studio whenever the schedule shows that the Studio is hosting a class. IF the class is not full, you may occupy an available computer. You must relinquish the computer if someone in the scheduled class needs the station. PLEASE DO NOT disturb a class or instructors. ENTER QUIETLY THROUGH THE BACK DOOR

From time to time I will offer a Challenge or Word-of-the-Week. These are extra and not required, but great ways of exercising your digital design muscles.

Make sure you look at the resources link on the program home page and to the right.

I’m looking forward to a great semester!
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