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VCOM 58/158 :: Photoshop 2 For Design

Welcome to VCOM 58

This advanced course in the use of Adobe Photoshop CS6 for the Macintosh and PC. Topics covered include: ability to use clipping masks, layer masks, full understanding of entire Photoshop toolbox, make exact selections using channel techniques, able to use all transform functions, layer comps, liquify, match color, desaturate areas of an image, sharpen or blur details, save a snapshot, locate and correct colors that are out of the printing gamut range, understanding of the Raw format with Bridge, Lighting effects, using Vector shapes, using slices and smart objects in conjunction with the rest of the Adobe CS6 suite. A clear awareness of lighting related to consistence to all elements in the scene. The ability to adjust image’s color balance, change hue & saturation, use smart filters and smart objects.

Required book: “Photoshop Channels Book”, by Scott Kelby, published by Peachpit Press Amazon link

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