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February 15, 2012

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Class 6: February 15, 2012
GODSPELL: Theater Poster for the new LPC Drama Dept. Production
Working to understand the most basic aspect of a “brand.”
Assigned: February 15, 2012
Due: ASAP: Info to come in class

This is the original soundtrack image. We are NOT allowed to use it.

We will be working on a Design Shop Project to develop a Poster for the new LPC Drama Dept. production of Godspell. Naturally, the deadline is short, really short. Arghh!
Here is the initial info from the client: godspell-info-template
Go to this Wikipedia site to start your research: #4: February 8, 2012

Pattern Brushes again; Art Brushes; Scatter Brushes
logos due
Assigned February 1, 2012; due February 8, 2012

Here are three ART BRUSHES videos. They are not the best because the producer is ill and hardly at the top of his game. However, they should give you the basics.
Art Brushes 1  |  Art Brushes 2  |  Art Brushes 3  |

In class today, start new sketching on one of last week’s Look&FeelAssignment restaurant names. You may wish to sit in on the VCOM 57 discussion about branding and naming before you do. Then watch the new videos on art brushes and scatter brushes (available no later than Thursday afternoon Feb. 9) which will inhabit this space soon. As you develop this “identity,” attempt to find a coherent, “organic” way to incorporate pattern. art, and/or scatter brushes into your design.

Here are the last to videos about Pattern Brushes:
Pattern Brushes 4  | Pattern Brushes 5  |