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Semester Project Requirements

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Semester Project Choices:

Illustration Track 1a: 2 illustrations (depending on complexity and stylistic requirements, we will discuss actual quantities independently) of at least 2 people (each) doing something active is an environment that uses non-standard lighting and color. Focus is on uniquely personal point of view shared by each despite differences. You might want to use a theme like seasons or leisure.

Illustration Track 1b: 2 illustrations (depending on complexity and stylistic requirements, we will discuss actual quantities independently) of a series of related products; i.e. beverage bottles and packaging, cleaning products, including labels (either  existing or re-done). Focus is on unique thematic and stylistic approach to a common object, shared by each in spite differences Рfamily resemblance between regular and diet and caffeine free, traditional and bio-degradable, normal and non-allergenic, etc. Think in terms of ad or billboard images you might like to see.

Illustration Track 2-technical illustration: 2 illustrations (depending on complexity and stylistic requirements, we will discuss actual quantities independently) of a production or custom unit of production; i.e. automobile, firetruck, cigarette boat, motorcycle, hotrod, or other complex piece of industrial design (turntable, digital SLR w/extra-lenses, mixing board and microphones, a set of custom wheels, etc.). Don’t take this one on unless your Illustrator skills are very good,the results will be judged against current professional work and will demand great patience and attention to detail.

Illustration Track Mash-up: with instructor approval, a combination of the above may be accepted.

Design Track 1: Create the product identity for a new laundry detergent liquid named “SURGE.” Concentrate on the HE version. It will come in a plastic bottle which you may take from an existing product or develop on your own with serious instructor input. This will involve research into customer expectations and possible stereotyping of end users to develop a “product theme.”¬† Basic units of project: Corporate logo for company (i.e. P&G or your own creation), all product labeling (must be accurate and typical of the genre), bottle shape (remember it needs to ship efficiently in cartons), and a two page spread ad for a home magazine (Better Homes & Gardens, Sunset, Woman’s Day, etc.) including typographic standards and a theme that could be expanded into further advertising.

Design Track 2: Create a series of informational graphics for a National Park, National Monument, State Park, or City/County/regional Park. These will include: a new, contemporary logo for the Park outdoor map graphics to be posted at points of scenic or educational interest, consistent signage for common area, trails, and “vendor areas”. A series of at least 4 informational brochures about different aspects of the park. You may also “create” a new, information or outreach program for the park and use it within this project. The National Parks are, of course, the high end here, but the East Bay Regional Park system offers some extraordinary opportunities close at hand where you can conduct personal research as well as take your own photos.
Design Track 2: with instructor approval, a project of your own may be accepted.

Illustration/Design Track Mash-up: Choose a partner from your complementary track and develop a more complete version of the two track options.

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