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February 22, 2012

Class 7: February 22, 2012
For those of you working on the GODSPELL Project, make sure you visit the blog posts on the 57 site. You can either use the VCOM site navigation ( the blog is listed under ARCHIVES for some reason I haven’t straightened out yet), or just CLICK THIS LINK.

For those of you still struggling with VCOM 59, the class, a new assignment will appear in this space very soon. In the meantime, I have finally been well enough to stop sleeping through the day and make those promised videos. Here are the first set; the pattern/art/scatter brush videos, WITH SOUND! Zounds!!!
The first videos on gradients and blends are now ready. Click on the links below.

gradients-blends-01  |  gradients-blends-02  |  gradients-blends-03  |

| pattern brushes 6  |pattern brushes 7  |pattern brushes 8  |  pattern brushes 9  |

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