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January 22, 2013

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We have finally figured out why you have not been able to register on line. Show up and we’ll get you in.




NOTE: You must RIGHT-CLICK this link and then SAVE LINK form the contextual pop-up menu to download the VCOM 59 Spring ’13 Syllabus

April 23, 2012


Today in class, I will demostrate using the SHAPE BUILDER tool. I think you will like this one. It’s like the bionic offspring of the Pathfinder and the Live Paint tool. Didn’t you ever wonder what kind of highjinks Illustrator’s components got up to after you quit the program? But don’t worry, they are in a legitimate relationship sanctified by the ministry of software.

Click this link to download the files:   Celticknots

April 16, 2012

Today, put the current state of your project on the server in the folder I will place there tomorrow before class. Use the Bridge to view your classmates work and be prepared to discuss it in critique.    Haan-2-Coletti    Coletti

Semester Project

Semester Project Choices:

Illustration Track 1a: 2 illustrations (depending on complexity and stylistic requirements, we will discuss actual quantities independently) of at least 2 people (each) doing something active is an environment that uses non-standard lighting and color. Focus is on uniquely personal point of view shared by each despite differences. You might want to use a theme like seasons or leisure.

Illustration Track 1b: 2 illustrations (depending on complexity and stylistic requirements, we will discuss actual quantities independently) of a series of related products; i.e. beverage bottles and packaging, cleaning products, including labels (either  existing or re-done). Focus is on unique thematic and stylistic approach to a common object, shared by each in spite differences – family resemblance between regular and diet and caffeine free, traditional and bio-degradable, normal and non-allergenic, etc. Think in terms of ad or billboard images you might like to see.

Illustration Track 2-technical illustration: 2 illustrations (depending on complexity and stylistic requirements, we will discuss actual quantities independently) of a production or custom unit of production; i.e. automobile, firetruck, cigarette boat, motorcycle, hotrod, or other complex piece of industrial design (turntable, digital SLR w/extra-lenses, mixing board and microphones, a set of custom wheels, etc.). Don’t take this one on unless your Illustrator skills are very good,the results will be judged against current professional work and will demand great patience and attention to detail.

Illustration Track Mash-up: with instructor approval, a combination of the above may be accepted.

Design Track 1: Create the product identity for a new laundry detergent liquid named “SURGE.” Concentrate on the HE version. It will come in a plastic bottle which you may take from an existing product or develop on your own with serious instructor input. This will involve research into customer expectations and possible stereotyping of end users to develop a “product theme.”  Basic units of project: Corporate logo for company (i.e. P&G or your own creation), all product labeling (must be accurate and typical of the genre), bottle shape (remember it needs to ship efficiently in cartons), and a two page spread ad for a home magazine (Better Homes & Gardens, Sunset, Woman’s Day, etc.) including typographic standards and a theme that could be expanded into further advertising.

Design Track 2: Create a series of informational graphics for a National Park, National Monument, State Park, or City/County/regional Park. These will include: a new, contemporary logo for the Park outdoor map graphics to be posted at points of scenic or educational interest, consistent signage for common area, trails, and “vendor areas”. A series of at least 4 informational brochures about different aspects of the park. You may also “create” a new, information or outreach program for the park and use it within this project. The National Parks are, of course, the high end here, but the East Bay Regional Park system offers some extraordinary opportunities close at hand where you can conduct personal research as well as take your own photos.
Design Track 2: with instructor approval, a project of your own may be accepted.

Illustration/Design Track Mash-up: Choose a partner from your complementary track and develop a more complete version of the two track options.

March 14, 2012

Today we will be concentrating on some features of Illustrator that allow us to make type fancier and more decorative. One of the main things to remember when you are messing around in this way with type, is that, no matter how illustrative or decorative it gets, it needs to be readable and the message should not play second (or third) fiddle to all the decorative bells and whistles.

With that said, …away we go!

Today’s files for down load: CLICK HERE

March 12, 2012

Perspective files

MARCH 7, 2012

Files for today’s lecture, CLICK HERE

February 27, 2012

Class 8: February 27, 2012
There are now 5 new videos on gradient meshes and feathering.
As promised last Wednesday, we will further our exploration of “blending” strategies and tools in today’s lecture. We will focus on the “feather” effect and some elementary work with gradient meshes. Keep in mind that there are any number of ways to accomplish the same thing in Illustrator. Experienced users look for the most efficient technique for each need. So, be prepared to explore the TRANSPARENCY PANEL and the BLEND MODES to make FEATHERING and GRADIENT MESHES functional rather than terrifying.

2 bottle shots  |  cabernet ai file  |

gradient mesh & feathering video 1  |  gradient mesh & feathering video 2  |  gradient mesh & feathering video 3  |  gradient mesh & feathering video 4  |  gradient mesh & feathering video 5  |

February 22, 2012

Class 7: February 22, 2012
For those of you working on the GODSPELL Project, make sure you visit the blog posts on the 57 site. You can either use the VCOM site navigation ( the blog is listed under ARCHIVES for some reason I haven’t straightened out yet), or just CLICK THIS LINK.

For those of you still struggling with VCOM 59, the class, a new assignment will appear in this space very soon. In the meantime, I have finally been well enough to stop sleeping through the day and make those promised videos. Here are the first set; the pattern/art/scatter brush videos, WITH SOUND! Zounds!!!
The first videos on gradients and blends are now ready. Click on the links below.

gradients-blends-01  |  gradients-blends-02  |  gradients-blends-03  |

| pattern brushes 6  |pattern brushes 7  |pattern brushes 8  |  pattern brushes 9  |

February 15, 2012

Class 6: February 15, 2012
GODSPELL: Theater Poster for the new LPC Drama Dept. Production
Working to understand the most basic aspect of a “brand.”
Assigned: February 15, 2012
Due: ASAP: Info to come in class

This is the original soundtrack image. We are NOT allowed to use it.

We will be working on a Design Shop Project to develop a Poster for the new LPC Drama Dept. production of Godspell. Naturally, the deadline is short, really short. Arghh!
Here is the initial info from the client: godspell-info-template
Go to this Wikipedia site to start your research: #4: February 8, 2012

Pattern Brushes again; Art Brushes; Scatter Brushes
logos due
Assigned February 1, 2012; due February 8, 2012

Here are three ART BRUSHES videos. They are not the best because the producer is ill and hardly at the top of his game. However, they should give you the basics.
Art Brushes 1  |  Art Brushes 2  |  Art Brushes 3  |

In class today, start new sketching on one of last week’s Look&FeelAssignment restaurant names. You may wish to sit in on the VCOM 57 discussion about branding and naming before you do. Then watch the new videos on art brushes and scatter brushes (available no later than Thursday afternoon Feb. 9) which will inhabit this space soon. As you develop this “identity,” attempt to find a coherent, “organic” way to incorporate pattern. art, and/or scatter brushes into your design.

Here are the last to videos about Pattern Brushes:
Pattern Brushes 4  | Pattern Brushes 5  |