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Graph Tips

Select similar items in a graph
Double click with the A tool on the legend item to select all similar objects in the graph

Import a pre-made column or marker design

1.    Choose Window > Swatch Libraries > Other Library.
2.    Do one of the following:
◦    To import preset graph designs, navigate to the Cool Extras/Sample Files/Graph Designs folder inside the Illustrator application folder. Then select a graph designs file, and click Open.
◦    To import graph designs from another document, select the document, and click Open.
Initially, all that appears is a new panel with colors, gradients, and patterns from the imported file. However, the imported graph designs will be available when you open the Graph Column or Graph Marker dialog box.


Sliding graphic feature:

Changing column design:

Make a simple bar chart, CS4 in two parts. Part 1: and Part 2:

Dynamic data graphs (by defining variables, you can create several graphs quickly after you’ve made the first …):

Pie graph, using swatches for fills and also column graph: