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VCOM 60 :: Portfolio & Self Promo

Summary, April 28 and Homework

I am combining VCOM 40 and 60 notes on one page this week. Reviewed basics of interviewing and will keep doing so. Ditto portfolios.

Download this evaluation/assessment request that employers and interns  complete (at minimum) during an offsite VCOM internship. Read it and make suggestions for improvement. OffsiteInternshipEvaluation

I also have the assessments that Pure Red wrote for each student so tha we can review those as well. Each intern isexpected to create 4 goalsfor themselves. Thinking bout these now will help focus you for an interview (any inerview.)

Our speaker Ed “Scape” Martinez was excellent. For those of you who missed him. I have the powerpoint FYI. Please ask. IF ANYONE WANTS TO PURCHASE HIS BOOK AND HAVE IT SIGNED, PLEASE BRING A $15 CHECK or have the amount cash with you during the next class and I will arrange for him to sign and send it to you.

Summary and Homework, March 17, 2011

We reviewed everyone’s résumé profile statement. A very businesslike statement is pasted below as an example. Many of you will write a more artistic-leaning, or quirky statement. That is OK. Your task for next week: complete draft 2 of your profile statement plus have additional résumé items written, draft 1 or in some cases, draft 2.

PROFILE Creative communications and business professional with proven ability to organize,
inspire, and drive results.
EXPERTISE Creative design, written and verbal communications, copy writing, and editing.
STRENGTHS Attention to detail, organizational development, project management, working in team
environment and developing positive and productive cross-functional relationships.

Be sure to download this folder: Topics_3-17. If you are interested in applying to PureRed read the document inside. All items included in the folder are important. Any questions, write to me. Be sure to check info on this site for résumé key words, résumé info and examples, cover letter examples and portfolio inspiration.

. It is essential that it be ready for tweaking by mid-April. You will only have a few more weeks after that for completion.

PureRed Info

We will tour PureRed Creative on March 10. You must be in class by 8:30 AM. We will leave our studio between 10:30 and 10:45 AM. Please dress appropriately (be the designer you are.)  Review their website thoroughly. Prepare at least 2 questions and YOU MUST HAVE A NOTEBOOK AND PEN OR PENCIL with you. Portfolio students MAY want to bring a leave behind … or not.

Pure Red Intern Info

VCOM has established an incubator  partnership with PureRed, a design firm located in the Shea Center near campus. Our ongoing relationship provides several of VCOM’s most prepared/advanced students the opportunity to intern and be mentored at their site annually.


Interns will be responsible for designing and executing a variety of retail related print materials. This person will work directly with Associate Creative Directors and Creative Directors. This position requires a passion for learning retail advertising design. This pdf has the 2010 specs, but I believe it will be similar for 2011:Pure Red_Intern program

Summary and Homework, March 3

Summary: We mainly worked on building portfolios today and had a discussion based on Al’s drawings and other inspirational pieces people brought in to share. We sent our client, O’Connor, the first draft of their St. Pat e-mail blast.As promised here is the link from Cheree re: managing creatives. NOTE: This is a very interesting article for a future discussion. (scroll down to the post: Don’t be Afraid to Change….

HOMEWORK: due March 10
Read this article. Refer to your self assessments and start writing a profile statement that makes you stand out from every other person seeking a career in design. Rely on your strengths especially if you have additional skill sets beyond design. Refer to the links below on the résumé page including action words and phrases recommended for use in résumés.

O’C Green Logo

Download the folder from the link below. In it is the original O’C logo and several samples of logos that incorporate a leaf.


1. replace the apostrophe with a leaf to indicate that the company is now building “green.”
2. provide a palette of greens that you feel works for this logo
3. do NOT change the O or C

Summary and Homework, February 17

DISCUSSION: SEE VCOM 40 post for summary of discussion and next week’s topic.

PORTFOLIO: Provided feedback re: work to show/include in portfolio; logos, portfolio concepts.

HOMEWORK: Continue gathering/editing work that you wish to show and most importantly, create new pieces for your portfolio. By now you should have at least 2 -3 new pieces done. Your overriding theme/metaphor for your portfolio should be decided. A few of you have not come to terms with this yet. It is due on February 24.

Summary and Homework, February 10

Discussion about contracts and how to write them.We also reviewed everyone’s portfolio work to date. KEEP it going! You need a portfolio….honestly!

Completed work on OC comps. Nice work! If you want to see the draft 1 comp that went to the client you can download it here (link is only available for 7 days):


  • Page 1 shows a possible look for the bottom of the e-mail blast (below the illustration)
  • 3 pieces were not included because they did not meet the scope of the work. If one of these is yours I hope you understand why yours is not included.
  • The comps were completed by 2 classes (VCOM 59 and 60) and are in alpha order by student last name
  • I did NOT security lock the pdf which is something I usually do when sending comps to a client. O’C has proven to be a trustworthy client.


PORTFOLIO WORK! keep it going. Create new pieces or bring old work with you that you wish to include so we can provide feedback.

Our topic for discussion is managing creatives.
Read this online article and be prepared to discuss this topic:

Summary and Homework, February 3

We spent time discussing each student’s portfolio concepts and brand strategy in general for self-promotion. We also spent time on the REQUIRED O’C illustration. The O’C logo is in the post prior to this one.

HOMEWORK: See VCOM 40 post for next week’s topic and the contract for the O’C job. All of you should have your assessments completed and concepts begun.