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Summary and Homework, February 10

Discussion about contracts and how to write them.We also reviewed everyone’s portfolio work to date. KEEP it going! You need a portfolio….honestly!

Completed work on OC comps. Nice work! If you want to see the draft 1 comp that went to the client you can download it here (link is only available for 7 days):


  • Page 1 shows a possible look for the bottom of the e-mail blast (below the illustration)
  • 3 pieces were not included because they did not meet the scope of the work. If one of these is yours I hope you understand why yours is not included.
  • The comps were completed by 2 classes (VCOM 59 and 60) and are in alpha order by student last name
  • I did NOT security lock the pdf which is something I usually do when sending comps to a client. O’C has proven to be a trustworthy client.


PORTFOLIO WORK! keep it going. Create new pieces or bring old work with you that you wish to include so we can provide feedback.

Our topic for discussion is managing creatives.
Read this online article and be prepared to discuss this topic:

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