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VCOM 60 :: Portfolio & Self Promo

Summary, April 28 and Homework

I am combining VCOM 40 and 60 notes on one page this week. Reviewed basics of interviewing and will keep doing so. Ditto portfolios.

Download this evaluation/assessment request that employers and interns  complete (at minimum) during an offsite VCOM internship. Read it and make suggestions for improvement. OffsiteInternshipEvaluation

I also have the assessments that Pure Red wrote for each student so tha we can review those as well. Each intern isexpected to create 4 goalsfor themselves. Thinking bout these now will help focus you for an interview (any inerview.)

Our speaker Ed “Scape” Martinez was excellent. For those of you who missed him. I have the powerpoint FYI. Please ask. IF ANYONE WANTS TO PURCHASE HIS BOOK AND HAVE IT SIGNED, PLEASE BRING A $15 CHECK or have the amount cash with you during the next class and I will arrange for him to sign and send it to you.

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