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How Magazine Top 10 site: and Top 10 archive:

HOW: best of self promotions, 2010:

Many styles are shown on this site:

A poster a day project:

Info, inspiration & tutorials are on this site:

Blog look:

Kali Ciesemier full-time freelance illustrator/adjunct faculty:

Lisel Jane Ashlock haunting illustrations of both man and beast:

Interactive and print design showcased on this self-promo site:

TYPOZON a design studio focused on graphic design and illustration, based in Bogotá, Colombia:

IDN a book and magazine industry leader:

A new blog and a soon-to-be-relesed book about portfolio design

HOW – 26 curated designer business cards

This is a “back to the future” site. We used to make our portfolio sites like this when we did not how else to do them or when learning DW was too much trouble. It still works!

Great work. Great Look and Feel. Takes too long to explore, especially portfolio pages.

Interesting gallery look and feel. I wish I did not have to click through every image…

Interesting look and feel. Portfolio images should be larger. Not so many clicks.

Same comments as above site.

Great look and feel. Flash site: may be too difficult for most of you to undertake. Not good for small device users.

Such fun!

Retro style:

Well written portfolio notes. Images seem small.

Highly successful LARGE international ad agency. Great use of white space.

Amazing prolific team of top designers tells their story about telling stories.

Somewhat busy site but has examples of student work (seems old fashioned)

Example of verbosity with imagery buried

Interesting site. Lotsa clicks but the size of the imagery is nice.

So very British “Mod” look. Great use of negative space.

Beautiful work and focused on showing it.

Student site: bloggish, interesting idea. A bit busy.

Edgy site for edgy designers

abduzeedo abducted by design snowboards and other good designs (search for snowboards, 2009)

hermes (multiple ideas here

Big Fat Institute (Old TV look and feel)

15 creative résumés highlighted on the Huffington Post

a type face design a day by reknowned “type guy” Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich

2-sided clever business cards:

an archive of book covers:

for all you t-shirt enthusiasts, check out this book: 10 Years of Threadless

John Lennon made this artist famous:

check out staff picks:

inspiration, tutorials and info about the business of design