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Summary and Homework, January 27

Discussion and Homework:

What strategies are needed for a great self promotion campaign (TO BE CONTINUED!)

What is YOUR concept for your portfolio? Discuss in detail….Start working!

Complete your self assessments asap.

O’C initial meeting notes summary: IF you did not place your notes of the meeting into the server, THEY ARE OVERDO!!!! Attached are my notes edited from Laura Alatorre’s (good job Laura!) Several of you wrote good notes too. It was easy to use one as my start. Laura’s last name starts with an “A”, so it was at the top of my list on my computer. I could have used any… DOWNLOAD MY NOTES HERE so that you can compare them with yours and start working: OC_St.Pat_Summary_1-27-11 Your comps are due no later than 2/10. It is best to start asap! The client is completing her to do list and will get back to me no later than Monday. I will then create a contract and will post a copy when it is signed.

IMPORTANT! Client meeting Thursday, 1/27

A client will be joining us for an initial project meeting this week, Thursday, January 27 at 1 PM in studio 300. I apologize for the short notice, but I just confirmed the meeting date tonight. The deadline for the project’s completion is the first week of March, thus the immediate need for a scope of the work discussion.

Our VCOM students have done design work for this company for the past couple of years. Since this specific project involves DRAWING, I am inviting my Illustrator students to join us at the meeting. All VCOM 40 and 60 students must attend or e-mail me why you will not be in class at that time.

Come prepared to take notes, ask questions, etc.

Project Info:
Create a St. Patrick’s Day greeting “card” that will be sent to our client’s clients.This year the card will be delivered via e-mail rather than printed and sent via USPS.

Project Details to date (More will be forthcoming at the meeting)
How the Irish Saved Civilization
As the great libraries of Europe were looted and burned by Germanic invaders after the fall of the Roman Empire, much of the literature of Western civilization was saved by unlikely Irish scribes, only one generation past illiteracy. These scribes copied thousands of manuscripts that served as the repositories for Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian culture. Their work is the reason for the survival of much of western literature through the dark ages and into the beginning of the Middle Ages. Without their efforts, much of Western Literature would have been lost.

Client Background Information
Our client is the O’Connor Management Company, a construction management firm. They work as the owner’s representative/consultant, the middle man between them and the general contractor. O’Connor is a valued leader of quality management that takes ownership of their client’s needs and problems, and values their resources as their own.

O’Connor’s owners are are Irish, so to be fun and different, they send out annual Saint Patrick’s day cards instead of Christmas cards.  The card is a unique vehicle used to make contact with their clients annually and helps to show appreciation. Every year our client comes up with a different Irish related theme—a picture along with some interesting facts about whatever the topic is. This year’s theme is posted below. Begin to research ideas NOW! For instance, what documents were transcribed? What do they look like?

NOTE: To give you an idea of what is covered in a similar meeting, attached are SummaryMeeting_1-28-10. Last year’s theme was “Kissing the Blarney Stone.” Also attached is OConnor_Contract_2010.

Summary and Homework, January 20, 2011

It was so nice to see you all yesterday. This should be a great class albeit a large one. To summarize, decide the kind of image you want to portray through your portfolio. For instance, create a persona for yourself (e.g., “Time Traveler”) or create a complete ad campaign (e.g., “Fighting Anorexia and Bulemia”; “Don’t Drink and Drive”) or anything else you want the outside world to see and know about you. Have your topic and even a rough sketch or two for next week.


Complete the self assessment forms and email them to me. Name each with your name.

Check out INSPIRATION links and links every designer should know.


This class is all about YOU!

You will learn strategies for effective self-promotion of ideas and skills in the working visual communications world.

You will develop and refine your creative portfolio to industry standards for print and web.

You will learn effective techniques of oral and visual presentation, especially in interview and initial client-meeting situations.

You will select, update, and highlight your work and personal skills to best present YOURSELF and YOUR portfolio.

YOUR first task is to choose a theme or topic you would like to explore this semester. That topic is your springboard to create work that reflects and showcases YOU: your likes, your skills,  your dreams and your passion.

For inspiration explore some of the links on the Inspiration page. Each of you will be adding to this list as the semester progresses.