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Inkjet settings

If/when you are ONLY printing to the Epson printer (and NOT prepping your file for output to PRESS) there are different settings that will provide better color management and output of your files. Epson inkjet printers are set up to take RGB files. The printer itself turns the RGB file into CMYK hi-fi color. To get a proper outcome you need to work in RGB.

Illustrator NEW DOCUMENT setting:
Advanced: Color Mode = RGB
Start with the WEB and change size (e.g., 16 x 20, inches)
Raster Effects = High (300 pip)
Always USE increments of 1440 (not 300 for instance)

To add this preset to the AI WELCOME screen on a Mac create a document with the above settings, go to SAVE AS—
TITLE: Inkjet Print
LIBRARY>App Support>Adobe>Adobe AI CS5>Eng>New Document profiles  OK